You are currently viewing Breaking News: Universal Orlando Resorts Shares Details About New Epic Universe Theme Park

Breaking News: Universal Orlando Resorts Shares Details About New Epic Universe Theme Park

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Get Ready for the Epic Adventure… Today, Universal spilled the beans on Celestial Park – one of the five cool worlds at Universal’s Epic Universe. It’s got awesome rides, tasty food spots, and great shopping, all surrounded by beautiful gardens right in the heart of the park. And guess what? Celestial Park is like the starting point for exploring four more super cool worlds in Epic Universe. We are SO excited for adventures that are way beyond what you can even imagine!

The awesome folks who dreamt up Epic Universe are here to chat about this mind-blowing new theme park, set to open its doors in 2025 at Universal Orlando Resort. The first video in this cool series gives you the lowdown on Universal Epic Universe and dishes out the deets on all five jaw-dropping worlds that’ll make your visit one for the books!

Let's take an expedition through the awesomeness of all five parks in Universal's Epic Universe!

Celestial Park

The cosmic hub of Universal Epic Universe, invites you to embark on a cosmic adventure amid vibrant greenery, tree-lined paths, and playful fountains. Start your journey of cosmic exploration in a realm that bridges worlds, offering a sensory feast for everyone to revel in together. Attractions, shopping and dining that we know of today in Celestial Park are as follows;

Starfall Racers is a Roller Coaster Race Across the Cosmos, Whirl and Twirl Across the Stars on Constellation Carousel, An Undersea Adventure in Fine Dining at Atlantic, Power Up Your Play at the Nintendo Super Star Store, Take a Culinary Trip Through Asia at The Blue Dragon Pan-Asian Restaurant


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ — Ministry of Magic™

Travel from 1920s Paris to the 1990s British Ministry as you delve into the enchanting realms of international wizarding communities and the magical bonds that unite them in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ – Ministry of Magic™.

Super Nintendo World™

You’ll encounter a fresh approach to gaming, whether it’s taking on Bowser in the Mario Kart™ ride or exploring the wonders of Donkey Kong Country™ and beyond.

How To Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk

Embark on an aerial adventure, soaring alongside dragons as you discover the vibrant Viking village nestled in the center of Berk. Engage in thrilling boat battles, indulge in Viking feasts, and experience more exciting activities in this colorful realm.


Venture from Dr. Victoria Frankenstein’s experiments to a mysterious realm where monsters wander – Dark Universe unfolds as a realm filled with myths and enigmas.

Today’s announcements about Epic Universe have left us bursting with excitement! Dive into the thrill by clicking here to uncover even more juicy details and satisfy your curiosity. When you are ready to book your Universal adventure, make sure to use Starstuff Travel. We are proud to be a part of the U-Preferred program with Universal Orlando Resort and can offer you exclusive knowledge, tips and service that others can’t!

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